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Reasons To Not Avoid HVAC Maintenance This Spring

Routine maintenance is imperative to keeping your HVAC system operating at peak efficiency. In this article, we share the a few reasons why you shouldn’t ignore maintenance this spring.
By Perfection Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration
May 16, 2022
HVAC Maintenance Evansville

When you drive a car, you’re aware of the basic things like gas and oil, and many states have yearly inspections to keep the car’s lifespan going. Similarly for your air conditioner and heat pump, regular maintenance will make these units perfectly able to keep your home cool, warm, or somewhere in between for your preference.

My Unit Works Fine

You may be thinking, but my AC and Heat turns on when I ask it to, there are no loud noises, so I don’t think I need repair. Why should I bother? The reality is, even if your system doesn’t seem like it needs repair, there could be an identifiable problem that can prevent much larger repair or replacement costs. Don’t repair your system on a reactive movement, be proactive and keep it from going out when you most need it.

Future Savings

We love data, and it’s proven that preventative maintenance is also preventing around 4x the cost in the future. Imagine if everything you purchased in life were 25% of the cost just because you purchased it earlier? It’s that simple. You’ll save your future money by making sure your system is good now.

Emergency Heating and Cooling Repairs

Repairs never come at a time we expect, and often when we need them the most. Your system is most likely to break right before a party or holiday and you won’t see it coming until it’s too late.

When the weather is at its extremes, your heating and cooling system is the most strained, and just like people, under pressure, it cracks. Especially during this time, you’ll be on a wait list among others in the same situation.

When you have a regular AC maintenance planned, your service provider comes on schedule every time. However, in a dire time of an emergency, you’re reliant on the circumstantial schedule with others.

That’s not the end of the story. Is the part available? Especially with supply chain issues. Can the part arrive soon? Who knows.

Plus, since we know emergencies are never convenient, if it’s hot out, you’re sweating beads and in the cold, you might have freezing pipes.

The issues keep coming. You meed an immediate repair. You’re at the mercy of so many potential other roadblocks. What is the emergency cost? Is the company you chose the right one, completing every job with Perfection? Sometimes, when you are trying to find a company to work with, speed may be prioritized over quality, so you ask the question, “How soon will you arrive?”

So what have we learned? Don’t wait for an emergency to fix your system. Proper, regular upkeep will make sure you’re not stuck in trouble. Even simple things like changing your filter so it doesn’t overheat the machine will keep the lifetime of your heat exchanger going.

What Else Can Be Damaged?

Your system is like a body, each part works together to keep it all running. If your leg is broken, you have to hop around, and your mind is stressed from the change of pace, among many other factors. Your heating and air system works harder and therefore less efficiently. One part out of commission and cause a total breakdown if there’s nothing done.

If your filter is not changed, it will cause temperature rise in the heat exchanger.

If your flame sensor gets dirty, it will be unstable. Your furnace will turn on and off, resulting in less airflow, and a worn out furnace.

When refrigerant evaporates within the indoor unit, the evaporator coil absorbs heat from the air blowing over the coil. If your air filter is clogged, your coil can freeze.

It truly matters for the reliability of your system to have regular maintenance as some problems may not be easily seen or known without professional inspection.

HVAC Maintenance in Evansville

Your heating and cooling system is a long-term investment. Just like putting away a little in your savings will keep you out of trouble when situations arise, putting regular maintenance into your HVAC will have savings in the long run with better efficiency, comfort, and air quality.

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Don’t make your system work until it breaks. That can void warranties and make repairs more expensive. Schedule your maintenance visit today.

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