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Is My Heat Pump Energy Efficient?

By Perfection Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration
January 13, 2023
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Due to its heating and cooling process, heat pumps can be a very energy efficient option for your home. However, heat pumps still require regular maintenance to maintain high efficiency and keep bills low. If you feel as if your utility bills have been higher than normal, your heat pump could be to blame. In this blog, we will discuss how to identify if your heat pump is operating efficiently and tips to improve efficiency.

How Do Heat Pumps Work?

To understand heat pump efficiency, it is important to learn the general process of how it functions. Heat pumps are more efficient than other heating and cooling units due to the process of transferring heat rather than generating it. Essentially, heat pumps pump heat from one location to another depending on the setting. In the winter, heat pumps collect heat energy from the air, ground, or water source and transfer it indoors. In the summer, heat pumps relocate heat from indoors and move it outdoors.

Heat pumps use electricity to relocate heat rather than burning fossil fuels to produce heat. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates heat pumps save 50% when compared to heating systems such as furnaces. While saving energy, heat pumps reduce carbon emissions released into the environment.

How To Identify Heat Pump Efficiency

Heat pump efficiency is determined by a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). Each heat pump has a ratio of the cooling output divided by the energy it uses in Watt-Hours. For most heat pumps, SEER can be found on a yellow and black sticker on the unit. If you can not locate your SEER rating, a Perfection technician can help calculate your heat pump’s efficiency.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, an efficient heat pump should have a ratio of 14 or higher. However, the higher the SEER the more energy savings you will experience. If you are looking to install a heat pump in Evansville, we recommend choosing a heat pump with a high SEER to save money on energy costs in the long run.

Tips To Improve Heat Pump Efficiency

While one of the advantages of heat pumps is its low maintenance, the heating device still requires upkeep to maintain low utility bills. Efficiency tasks will not only improve the heat pumps energy usage, but benefit your home as well. Below are 5 tips to improve heat pump efficiency and lower utility bills.

  • Regularly Change Air Filters
  • Keep Unit Clean & Clear
  • Maintain Clean Air Vents
  • Install A Smart Thermostat
  • Schedule Heat Pump Maintenance

Regularly Change Air Filters

Heat pumps move air from one source and pump it through each component until it reaches the air ducts. From there, air moves through an air filter to remove allergens and debris. If air filters are clogged with dust and debris, the heat pump uses more energy to push air through the filter pores. Using more energy to heat or cool your home can raise monthly energy costs. To ensure your heat pump is operating efficiently, be sure to change air filters at least every 90 days or sooner depending on factors such as indoor animals.

Keep Unit Clean & Clear

It is important for heat pump efficiency to ensure the system is always clear of debris such as leaves, branches, and trash. Additionally, be sure to clear snow and ice from the system. Heat pumps have a defrost mode designed to melt ice from the coils, but it can help improve efficiency to quickly remove ice and snow from the top of the unit. It is recommended to cover some systems in the winter to protect from weather conditions, but do not cover your heat pump. This can greatly affect airflow and cause the unit to not function properly. We recommend weekly checking to see the status of your outdoor heat pump unit and ensuring it has no obstructions.

Maintain Clear Air Vents

Similar to air filters, the heat pump system will struggle to push air through dirty air vents. The more energy used, the higher your monthly bills will be. To maintain clean air vents, first remove vent covers and wipe each one down with a rag. Next, take a vacuum and remove dust and debris built up inside your air vents. This process helps ensure the heat pump can easily distribute air and keep your home comfortable.

Install A Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats can help any heating system improve energy efficiency. The home device monitors temperature preferences, routines, and other factors and adjusts the thermostat temperature when you are away or asleep. It is important for heat pump efficiency to not crank up temperature settings in hopes to quickly improve comfort. Heat pumps will heat and cool your home at the same speed regardless of the thermostat setting. Turning the thermostat above your normal comfort setting will only require the unit to run longer and use more energy. If your heat pump has a backup heating system, this device may turn on and burn more energy than necessary. Smart thermostats help ensure your comfort remains and lower energy usage throughout the day.

Schedule Heat Pump Maintenance

The easiest way to improve heat pump efficiency is to regularly schedule heat pump maintenance with a Perfection technician. One of our technicians can thoroughly inspect and prepare your heat pump for the upcoming season. We can identify underlying malfunctions, repair components, and prevent future issues from arising. Let us help keep your home comfortable each season and your energy costs low!

Ensuring your heat pump is operating efficiently will not only lower monthly bills, but increase the unit’s lifespan as well. Follow these five tips to ensure your heat pump is operating efficiently each season. For heat pump maintenance or repair in Evansville, give us a call!

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