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How To Save Money By Adjusting Your Ceiling Fan

By Perfection Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration
July 5, 2022
Ceiling fan on a white wall room

The summer heat in Evansville has officially arrived and most residents are looking for ways to stay out of it. Sometimes it seems like the only way to stay cool is to break the bank, but we promise that is not the case. Homeowners with ceiling fans can save money on utility bills by utilizing them in the summer, and we will tell you how in this article!

Ceiling Fan Settings

Did you know your ceiling fan has specific settings for summer and winter? In the summer, your fan should rotate counterclockwise. By this rotation, your ceiling fan pushes air down creating a windchill effect. To determine which setting your fan is, turn the fan on low and examine if the fan is spinning clockwise or counterclockwise. Another solution is to simply stand under the fan and see if there is air movement. If you do not feel air coming down from the fan, it is not spinning counterclockwise.

How to change your ceiling fan setting

All ceiling fans are different, but most have similar ways to change settings. If you do not have a remote or wall control fan, there should be a switch on your fan right below the blades. Flip the switch to the other setting and test the rotation of your fan.

Save Money With Your Ceiling Fan

Your air conditioner and your wallet will get a much needed break by using ceiling fans. Although ceiling fans do not alter the room temperature, they create a cold breeze which makes the room feel cooler. Ceiling fans allow you to alter the thermostat temperature about 4 degrees without feeling the difference. For example, if you have your thermostat set to 80 degrees, the room will feel like 76 degrees with a ceiling fan on. Altering your thermostat temperature will help you save on air conditioning costs and let your system have a break in the hot temperatures.

While utilizing your ceiling fan, here are a few extra tips.

  • The more ceiling fans, the more you will save. Install a ceiling fan in every room that needs cooling. This will ensure you can alter the thermostat without feeling a temperature difference in your entire home.
  • The higher you raise your temperature, the more you save because your air conditioner runs less. As long as you are comfortable, raise your temperature more than 4 degrees.
  • Choose a fan that is an appropriate size for each room.
  • Fans create a windchill effect on your skin and do not change the actual temperature. To continue saving on your utility bill, turn your ceiling fans off when rooms are vacant.
  • Leaving all ceiling fans on at the same time can actually raise your electricity bill.

Staying cool in the Evansville heat shouldn’t break the bank. Ceiling fans are one of the many tricks to saving each month on your utility bill in the summer. Here are some other suggestions to help keep your energy usage low:

If you have any other questions regarding energy savings, ceiling fans, or air conditioning, give us a call at (812) 508-8387! We are happy to help and keep you comfortable this summer!

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