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How Fluctuating Weather Can Affect Your HVAC System

By Perfection Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration
December 27, 2021

The Outdoor Temperature Can Affect Your Heating & Cooling System!

As many homeowners in the Evansville and Owensboro areas are aware by now, the weather seems to be fluctuating up and down each week. Even though it is officially winter time, and you would expect it to be consistently cold, the weather has been similar to the Thunderbird at Holiday World — up and down, up and down!

Due to this inconsistent weather, many homeowners have been constantly in a limbo of using both their air conditioner & heating system… sometimes in the same day. Typically during this time of year we are only fielding furnace repair calls and heating system repair calls, however, we’ve been getting quite a few A/C repair requests as well.

So this begs the question: how does the weather outside affect my HVAC system? Well, in this post, we are going to break down how Mother Nature plays a role in your indoor comfort, and what to do about it to avoid overworking your system.

How Does Extremely Cold Weather Affect Your HVAC System?

Today’s HVAC equipment is engineered to handle the workload needed to keep you warm during the most frigid conditions, and cool and comfortable during the dog days of summer. Typically during winter, homeowners in Evansville will run their residential heating system during the evening and turn it off during the day.

However, with a majority of the workforce working from home, we are seeing some homeowners run their system all day long.

With the weather bouncing back and forth between warm and cold, you’ve probably turned the A/C on during the day, and then the heat on at night time. Though doing this occasionally won’t harm your system, we don’t recommend doing this regularly. As the workload you are placing on your system to cool the house down and then warm it back up can cause components to break down — resulting in costly repairs.

Is your heating system struggling to keep up with the thermostat? You may need repairs made. You can count on the team at Perfection for timely heat pump & furnace repairs. Contact us today at 812-508-8387 to schedule your service.

How To Avoid Overworking Your HVAC System

When the weather is constantly going up and coming back down like we are seeing so far this winter, we recommend that you keep a close eye on the forecast. Though the forecast isn’t always 100% accurate, it can at least help you prepare for the next few days so you can adjust the schedule on your thermostat.

When you see that it is going to be cold one day, and warm the next, there are somethings you can do to get by without immediately going to thermostat to adjust the indoor temperature.

  • Layer up/down
  • Open windows to let the natural air in
  • Bake some cookies

Don’t forget, you have your HVAC system for a reason! It’s all about YOUR comfort. So if you want to turn the heat on, go for it! These are just some ways to warm up/cool down without adjusting the thermostat.

What Is The Ideal Thermostat Setting For Winter?

Though everyone has their preferences, the ideal thermostat setting during the winter time is 68 degrees Fahrenheit while you are at home. However, we recommend lowering it, or turning on Eco mode when you are asleep or away at work or on vacation.

Reducing your thermostat 10-15 degrees for just eight hours can lower your heating bill by 5% to 15%. EnergyHub says that for every degree you lower the thermostat during winter, you can see up to 3% energy savings.

Contact Us To Prepare Your System For Colder Weather

Though it has been a relatively mild winter so far, we know that it will eventually get much colder. When that time comes, you will need your heater to be in proper operating condition to provide warmth for you and your family. Contact Perfection Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration today to get your system tuned-up before the harsher conditions arrive.

To schedule your service, give our office a call at 812-508-8387 or submit a service request form on our website.

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We are here to help! At Perfection Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration our goal is to provide perfect HVAC repair & replacements to homeowners in the Evansville, Indiana area and beyond. 

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