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Common AC Repairs

By Perfection Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration
June 21, 2023
AC repair

Few aspects of your home are more important than your air conditioner during Indiana’s hot summer season. However, air conditioning units can break down and require repair sometimes, which leaves you without a cool and comfortable home. Over the years, the Perfection Heating and Air Conditioning team has seen about every AC repair in Vanderburgh County. In this article, we list common air conditioning repairs homeowners experience to help you prepare for potential problems this summer.

It is important to be knowledgeable about common reasons air conditioners malfunction, because it can help catch problems ahead of time. With our help, we can help you avoid an uncomfortable breakdown or costly repairs.

5 Common AC Repairs In Evansville, IN

A broken air conditioner can make your Evansville residence feel more like a sauna than a home during summer. The warm temperatures can make your property nearly unbearable to occupy, making it crucial to fix your air conditioner as soon as a problem arises. However, spotting these issues is often easier said than done if you don’t know what to look for.

Once you understand some of the most common AC repairs, you can request service before a broken AC negatively impacts your residence. Below are some common AC repairs in Evansville, IN and surrounding areas.

1. Broken or Failing Capacitor

Capacitors play an essential role in your AC unit’s motor operation. They give motors a boost of energy whenever you turn on your system, giving the air conditioner the kickstart it needs to cool your home. However, sometimes capacitors break down, preventing the AC system from producing chilled air.

If your air conditioner stops blowing cold air inside your home, place your hand above your outdoor unit’s fan to see if it’s emitting warm air. The air should feel hotter than the outside temperature. If the unit isn’t discharging hot air and you hear a humming or buzzing sound, there’s a good chance your capacitor failed.

Always contact an HVAC technician if you believe your unit has a broken or failing capacitor. Waiting too long to fix a faulty capacitor can cause other issues, so it’s best to fix it as soon as possible.

2. Low Refrigerant Levels

Refrigerant helps your air conditioner cool air before supplying it to your home. Without refrigerant, your unit can’t produce cold air, making it near impossible to stay comfortable. Low refrigerant levels can also cause the coils to freeze, further reducing the system’s efficiency.

Low refrigerant often stems from a leak. Refrigerant leaks typically leave a small pool of liquid around the unit that can adversely affect the environment as well as your health. Refrigerant is very toxic and can cause several health issues, ranging from headaches to difficulty breathing.

If your system needs refrigerant, contact a professional Perfection technician to refill the unit. Professionals understand how to refill refrigerant safely and can fix a leak so your unit can maintain your desired indoor climate once again.

3. Condensate Drain Line Clogs

As your air conditioner chills your residence, it removes humidity from the interior, making it more comfortable. However, sometimes dirt, mold, and other substances form inside your unit’s condensate drain line, preventing it from disposing of excess water. This forces the water into the secondary drain pan to prevent the water from flooding your ceiling or floor.

However, the secondary drain pan can only handle so much water. Once the pan reaches a certain level, a safety switch turns on to prevent it from overflowing. The switch often restricts energy to the unit, causing the thermostat or condensing unit to shut off. It is best to leave this AC repair in Owensboro, KY and surrounding areas to the expert technicians at Perfection to ensure optimal results.

4. Broken or Failing Blower Motor

Your unit’s blower motor transports cool air through your ductwork and into your home. However, summer’s hot weather can take a toll on the blower motor over time, reducing its efficiency and eventually causing it to give out entirely if it’s not well maintained.

Broken blower motors often emit an electrical burning smell while making a relatively loud grinding or banging sound. Failing blower motors are very serious and can significantly damage the unit and even start a fire. Always turn off your air conditioner if it experiences a broken blower motor, and contact a professional for swift repairs.

To prevent your blower motor from failing, we recommend regular AC maintenance in Evansville, IN with a Perfection technician. Our team will keep the bearings lubricated and clean each maintenance appointment. Keeping up with your AC unit’s maintenance demands is the best way to prevent common AC repairs in Newburgh, IN and ensure your home stays comfortable all summer long.

5. Broken Thermostat

A broken or failing thermostat prevents you from achieving your desired indoor temperature, leaving your home hot and unpleasant. Inaccurate temperature readings, miscalibration, and failing connections are very common among broken thermostats and can throw your air conditioner off balance. Without a functioning thermostat, your AC unit can’t perform to your input settings, preventing it from cooling your residence.

If your air conditioner suffers from a broken thermostat, call an AC technician to replace it as soon as possible. The Perfection team will install a new and improved thermostat while making any other repairs your unit needs.

Trust Our Team For AC Perfection!

Perfection Heating and Air Conditioning offers top-quality AC repair in Evansville, IN and will handle all your heating and cooling needs at a price that fits your budget.

If your air conditioner breaks down and requires professional servicing, don’t hesitate to give our team a call! The Perfection technicians will have your unit up and running again in no time while teaching you more common AC repairs so you can better identify potential issues before they take hold. We’ve helped countless Evansville residents fix their AC systems, and we can do the same for you.

Are Your Ready To Experience True Comfort In Your Home?

We are here to help! At Perfection Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration our goal is to provide perfect HVAC repair & replacements to homeowners in the Evansville, Indiana area and beyond. 

If you are in need of help improving the comfort in your home, or would like a free estimate on getting a new system, get in touch with us! Our team is standing by ready to help.

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